Truth, Whatever

   Truth.  A conversation with a friend the other day got me “thinkin on” it.  I said that I try to defeat worry by thinking about “whatsoever is true”  at this very moment.  She said truth doesn’t change.  It got me to “thinkin”.    

     At this very moment,  the truth is I am healthy, it’s true I had the flu once,  but not today.   The weather here is beautiful, 68 degrees but the forecast tells me that won’t be true tomorrow.   I won’t share my “true” weight today but I sincerely hope that truth changes drastically.  
       I looked at 29 translations of Phillipians 4:8  and all of them,  ALL of them used the word “true”.  Every other adjective in that verse had a variety of translations,  but not “true”.   Now I was even more baffled.  I was grappling with the definition of “truth”. says “in accordance with the actual state or conditions”   And that’s the one I’ve used as deterrent to worry,  today’s actual conditions.  

      So I did some studying, I believe  God’s truth is absolute and does not change, nor can it be altered.   However,  the truth of our circumstances do change.   Today you’ve got a cough, hopefully it will  be gone tomorrow.   Today you’ve got a job,  it may be gone tomorrow;   today someone you love is here on earth with you,  tomorrow they may be Heaven.  The truth of my circumstances is ever changing but that does not change God’s truth.  In the reality of my circumstances,  the truth is:  The Lord God is my strength,  He will never leave me or forsake me, all things work together for my good,    my steps are ordered of Him,  He restores my soul, I am forgiven,  blessed, chosen, and  redeemed.  That, my friends, is truth. 

   So,  when Paul admonishes us to think on things that are true, it’s helpful to me to enumerate the truth in my circumstances.   I need to take my thoughts captive.   However,  I also need to think on God’s truth,  to take His Word and apply it to my specific worry.   

   Take those worries into captivity by thinking what is true.  After you admit what is true in the circumstance,  you can  confess what is true in God’s Word.  And that works even if the truth of your circumstance is  bankruptcy, illness, prodigal teenagers or adulterous husbands. 

Make a list of things that are true in your circumstances right now,  then apply that truth in the light of God’s truth.   

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