“Our giftings change over the course of time due to spiritual maturity and life circumstances.”
   About a year ago,  I read this quote in a church bulletin and was intrigued by it.  As a graduate of a small Midwestern Christian college,  a district leader,  public school teacher,  a girls ministries teacher and director,  a CASA and a volunteer in camps for foster children;  I’ve taken my fair share of personality inventories.  I know my fruit, my color,  my communication style, and my “gifting”    However,   I read this at a transition time in my life.  I was retiring from 32 years as a teacher,  I had resigned my girls ministry position several years earlier,  not had a CASA case in five years and planning a cross country move.  I was interested in finding out where “gifting”  fit in with all these changes. 
As we took the Giftings inventory,  I was surprised to find that my results from 20 years ago were vastly different than currently.   Two of my top three “giftings”  had changed.  Upon reflection,  I was not shocked.
   Twenty years ago I was a single mom raising 2 kids, working at least 2 jobs and caring for aging parents.  I always laughed that I didn’t have time for mercy.   Not surprisingly it was my lowest gifting  20 years ago.    One of my jobs was teaching in a public school and at church I taught a girls Sunday School class.  Teaching was my number one gifting.     Administration was a second gifting and why not?  How else could I juggle all this stuff.   I’m not a morning person so those days were rushing about to get to work with a prayer life  on the run and Sunday afternoons  for house cleaning and laundry. 
   Today,  I ‘remember the Sabbath and keep it holy”.  Sunday afternoons are set aside to be DIFFERENT from the other days of the week,  (that’s a post for a different day).  Today,  I start every morning with Bible reading,  often a study or devotional and prayer.    Sunday afternoons are a date with the Lord where I bring him burdens but stop and listen to him.  I can do an online Bible study consistently and have even been able to actually physically join a Bible Study.   Out of necessity,  I did a prolonged study on prayer with Anne Graham Lotz,  David Jeremiah and Priscilla Shirer.  I have found the joy of conversing with Jesus.  Even so,  I was surprised to find Prayer as my number one gifting these days.  It wasn’t in the top five 20 years ago.   
   Intercession ranked second.  I actually pray for the needs of my friends and family and the list of prodigal children taped to my prayer room wall is added to regularly,  but I’ve also marked off some names on that list.  Knowing that prayer really does change things has brought me to my knees.   I was surprised to see it rank into my “giftings”.
   Administration fell to number 3 and teaching to number 5.  I was  little sad to see teaching fall  since I still love to do it!  But was humbled to accept that God had closed that season and given me new assignments.   

   I was thinking on these things today and I am over whelmed at God’s plan for my life,  it has never changed but he reveals it in pieces. 

What about you?  Has your “gifting” changed, why?  

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  1. Tonya, I was like you…. single mom growing up together with an “only” boy. Teaching by day, ministering through music at church and in community. Administration was necessary. Now it is a “quieter” time with more gifts coming from the background…. calling out the name of people who need something from our Fatherwho is always faithful and supporting those in my life through words of encouragement and belief. Yes, a different time but such reward!& if we just listen, God will meet our needs as we “gift” others through him. Thanks again for sharing.

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