Got Joy?

   On August 27, 2018.  I wrote  a blog with reasons we should not be joyous.  Apparently it struck a cord, it is my most viewed blogpost of this little career.  So today, as Queen Rona reigns, I am sure joy seems like a distant emotion.  Again, I want to turn to a Psalm of David.  They are the songs of this season.  Yet, let’s dig a little deeper. 
   Psalm 94:19 NLT “When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.”   Doubt, “a hesitancy to believe”.   It’s not that we don’t want to believe,  it’s not even that we don’t.  However,  in the midst of  job loss,  sickness,  isolation,  boredom and death,  it’s difficult to believe.  We haven’t lost our faith,  but we are cautious in our convictions.   I am not putting aything into my planner these days,  I’ve used all my cancelled and rescheduled stickers!   
   The definition of ‘doubt’ in the various translations is very inclusive.  For example:

Cares of my heart
Burdened with worries
Multitude of thoughts 
Overwhelming anxiety
Disgusting thoughts
Busy thoughts

   How could one smile with these running through your mind constantly?  It is humanly impossible.  Until we allow the Holy Spirit  the Comforter to enter the situation. Only then can we  receive restored hope, which we will lead to joy.  His gift of joy is never contingent on circumstances.  

Think about that today!

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