Your Hut’s on Fire!

   Once upon a time,  a remote village of people  lived on opposite sides of the river.  Both groups built their huts in a semi-circle facing the river and never looked behind them.   One day the people on the right side of the river noticed a faint cloud of smoke rising over the ridge behind their neighbor’s huts.  The next day they caught a glimpse of flames over the ridge.  The third day, the flames topped the ridge and started down the mountain.  The people across the river began to discuss among themselves if they should mention the flames to their neighbors.  It was reallly none of their business what the people across the river knew or didn’t know.  They didn’t want to say anything that might offend.  They couldn’t be positively sure the flames would catch the huts on fire.  Maybe they knew the flames were coming and just didn’t care.  Maybe they like fire.  So,  the people said nothing.  The flames reached the back of the huts and as they began to burn,  the people still said nothing.   After the village had burned and all it’s inhabitants had died,  the people on the right side of the river mourned for a time, then,  they carried on with their business.  It was too bad and so sad about the people across the river. 
   People of God,  we need to call out to our neighbors,  YOUR HUT IS ON FIRE!  We no longer have the luxury of  being politically correct.  We cannot afford to worry about offending someone who’s eternity is not sure.  We can’t assume they know and just don’t care.  We must act on what we say we believe.  If we believe the Biblical account of eternity and the requirements for where one spends eternity,  we must proclaim to the lost,  Your hut is on fire!
    I confess, I’m not evangelical and sharing the gospel message does not come easily to me.  I like to be the “only Jesus some people see”  rather than speak about it.
   I, too,  have heard my entire life about the rapture and second coming of Christ.  I’ve sat in the meetings and been told it could happen tonight.  I heard the stories of people who lived on a mountain for weeks waiting for the return.  The message has always seemed sure but far away.  It’s not just my age that tells me the rapture is closer than it’s ever been. 
   Covid became very real to me yesterday,  I can no longer boast that I don’t know anyone who’s had it and worse,  I now join the ranks of those who lost a friend to the deadly disease.  I can only believe God is sparing her the world we must inhabit. 
   Among your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, family;  are those who huts are on fire. There’s no time to waste.  We must  throw them a hose and some living water. 

Thinkin’ ’bout sending some texts, emails and making a few phone calls.


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