Do you wish you loved reading the Word of God?                                                          

Do you wish the Bible was relevant in your life?

Do you wish you could apply Biblical principles to your daily walk?

We are a people with many flaws and imperfections.  Providentially,  we have a perfect God with no flaws.  We are on a journey to eternity traveling through a fallen world. Together we make the trip more bearable and even enjoyable.  Take a new route on a familiar journey with Inside Story: 52 Weeks in the Word under Books by Me!

Which Biblical Translation is Right for You?

There are over forty translations of the Bible available for purchase today.  Choosing is difficult enough for those of us who know the Word of God but imagine being a new Christian or unbeliever.  It’s truly confusing!   So which one is right for you?     Click on the link to find out!