Inside Story: 52 Weeks in the Word

Rekindle your love for God’s Holy Word. 

It is written: “God’s Word is alive and powerful! It is sharper than any double-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12). Bible reading should be a consistent habit that helps grow your faith. But if you are like most Christians, those resolutions are easily lost in the wilderness with the children of Israel.  

If you:

  • get bogged down in Old Testament Scripture,
  • find that your reading gets lost in the daily devotional,
  • wish you loved reading the Word of God,

then Inside Story: 52 Weeks in the Word is for you. Broken down into easy twenty-minute readings, you can now easily read through the Bible in one year. This book is your guide to becoming immersed in the Bible in the meaningful and simple way you’ve always needed.

Inside Story 

  • Is organized by genre to alleviate confusion
  • Starts each week with brief summaries of what you’ll be reading
  • Offers brief comments to help you reflect on these ancient words 
  • Provides thoughtful questions to help you apply the Word to your life


I love the “Concept Sections” you have introduced in a fresh, doable, and simply organized structure for all readers that want to grow in God’s Word. Your “Learning Segments” to each section of reading underlines the historical and cultural setting in which the scriptures were written. Your “Reading Assignments” are very attainable and basic for any reader, and your thought-provoking “Consider Sections” are insightful and inspiring. Finally, your “Response Sections” give the reader an opportunity to pen their thoughts for present contemplation and future reminder of lessons learned. I highly recommend this devotional journey through the scripture to anyone that seems to find themselves stuck in the standard Bible reading plans.

Craig Dacus

Pastor, Bethesda Assemblies of God, Oklahoma City

My first impression was that it is: “Compelling” (a very unique approach to Reading the Bible through.)
Interesting” (lots of stimulation in the facts presented and the questions that followed.)
Easy” (none of us have a lot of extra time and this format is simple to follow and leaves the reader challenged and fulfilled from God’s Word.
Susie Purkey

Director of Women's Ministries, Oklahoma District Council, Assemblies of God

Several years ago, TonyaAnn Pember attended my workshops at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. She did something afterward that surprisingly few writers do: She wrote. Though it took a few years, TonyaAnn obeyed God’s call, and the result is this book. In Inside Story: 52 Weeks in the Word, she writes as a fellow sojourner who has struggled to read through the Bible, something all of us can relate to. Her approach is flexible and fresh, engaging the reader to connect with the Word of God in a new, relevant way. I can’t think of a more needed resource in these days of increased biblical illiteracy.
Sherri Langton

Associate Editor, Bible Advocate

Tonya Pember’s Inside Story is a thoughtful guide that will grow your understanding—and enjoyment—of God’s Word. Each week, readers benefit from a wonderful overview, insights relevant to life today, and thought-provoking questions. Plus, her organization of the Bible by genre is fascinating. This is a wonderful guide and devotional that invites readers deeper into the riches of Scripture.

Karen Bouchard

Managing Editor, Power for Living

About TonyaAnn

Hi, I’m TonyaAnn, an imperfect woman pursuing a perfect God endeavoring to point everyone to His word and purpose.

I spent thirty-two years in public school as a Speech/Language pathologist and early childhood educator. For ten years, I was blessed to serve as an Assemblies of God Girls Ministries Specialist. My passion for foster children led me to forthechildren.org and I have volunteered at Royal Family Kids Camps for twenty summers.

Raised in a Pentecostal home, church was the center of everything. I had knowledge of God’s Word but the love of the Word came later. Now, I study the Bible and prayer extensively. This rekindled love of the Word spurred my desire for others to see the Bible with a new and fresh anointing.

The great loves of my life are my two adult children, their spouses and six incredible grandchildren. I’m a born and bred Oklahoma girl now living in Colorado.



How To Choose a Translation for All It’s Worth         A Guide to Understanding and Using Bible Versions

      Gordon D. Fee & Mark L. Strauss  2007  Zondervan

      I ordered this book in hopes of gaining understanding of the different translations available today.   Like others,  I wondered if some of these translations are authoritative,  Fee and Strauss did not disappoint.   

      Among the most beneficial text in the book is the chart on page 34.  It divides  eighteen of the most commercial translations available into three categories:  Formal Equivalence (or versions), Functional Equivalence and Mediating.  He defines the formal as those which make Hebrew and Greek understandable.   Functional versions modify the text to make it more natural.  Mediating is that which explains the text.   The chart includes strengths and weaknesses of each grouping.   The text of the chapter offers detailed information concerning the meaning and task of each translation.   

   This book addresses the difficulties in translating when relating to different cultures.  I found it interesting although very academic and literary.  Casual readers may find it too literal and overloaded with facts.   

  When addressing style and format issues within a translation, the authors suggest that readers should read the Bible as stories rather than chapters and verses.  Scripture was “intended” (p123) to be read by genre;  the “epistles as real letters and Hebrew Psalms as poetry.”

  Fee and Strauss bring a great measure of expertise to this work.  Gordon Fee is an American theologian, ordained minister and retired professor of New Testament Studies from Regent College,  Vancouver Canada.  Strauss is a Biblical scholar and professor at Bethel Seminary, San Diego.    The writing is a comprehensive work that will help the reader “chose a translation for all it’s worth.”

 I recommend it to those who wish to fully understand the process of translating the scripture from original Greek and Hebrew.  Beware, it is not a casual read. 

The MAP: Making the Bible Meaningful, Accessible, Practical by Nick Page

The book  delivers on the promise to make the Bible meaningful, accessible & practical.   Meaningful in that Page references familiar stories and passages. His metaphor of a map carries through visually as one reads.     It is accessible due to Page’s format.  He uses many graphics and sidebars that are consistent throughout the chapters.  Each book begins with a “Quick Guide”  that gives the author, genre, purpose, a key verse and a memory point.   Practical because the author addresses information that normal readers need.  It is not overly literary or scholarly.

Page’s choice of key verses does not always make sense to the book’s theme.  He openly admits the book does not require a complete reading of the Bible.  He gives you a “representative sample of the book”.   In my opinion, this book is a good supplement to a more in depth study of the Bible.

Page’s conversational style of writing makes his writing easy reading.  However,  some comments can be controversial to the conservative Christian.  His sidebars entitled “Puzzling Points” could be used by skeptics to contradict the truth of the Bible.

Nick Page identifies as “writer, information designer and creative consultant.”  His website describes him as “writer, speaker, unlicensed historian, information-monger, applied ranter.”   The website also calls him a “popular speaker for churches, church weekends, retreats, book festivals and other events.”  While his books appear written for a Christian audience, no mention of Christ or Christianity is mentioned in his website or biography.  Nor is there any information of his background and/or training. Nick Page appears online to be respected among the Christian community of the UK where he lives and writes.

The MAP is a valid resource for the reader looking for more insight to the books of the Bible.  However, having no knowledge of his other writings and no posted credentials or faith statements,  the reader should read discerningly.  The MAP should not be the only resource consulted.  For this author,  The MAP confirmed information from other sources and/or stated a fact in a more reader-friendly format.  As a resource, it was helpful in researching dates and little known Bible characters.  On the few occasions when Page disagreed with other resources,  this author quoted resources with clear statements of faith.

Revelation God's Word for the Biblical Inept by Daymond R. Duck

“Revelation (God’s Word for the Biblically-Inept) is a revolutionary commentary for those who are not interested in all the complicated stuff.”  

Daymond R. Duck actually does include the “complicated stuff”  in this writing but,  he uncomplicates it for the common reader.  In this, one of the many books he has authored on the topic of prophecy,  he promises to keep it simple.  And he delivers. 

Rev. Duck uses a verse by verse application with icons for sixteen pragmatic sections.  Each chapter covers one chapter of the book of Revelation beginning with sidebars announcing the chapter highlights,  cross referenced scriptures and definitions of pertinent terms for the chapter.  An introduction to the chapter is quickly followed by the verse by verse  NIV text included.  

Icons by  Reverend Fun, (Dennis Max Hengeveld)  point the reader to key points, key symbols, and study questions.   Readers are directed specifically to “something to ponder”,  something to remember and warnings.   The book includes quotes from other prophetic teachers and related current events.   Keep in mind the book is over thirty years old, so these sections are dated. 

Despite the not so current events and Duck’s scholarly position,  his writing is easy, understandable and Biblically sound.  The sections directing the reader to enhanced understanding are enjoyable as well as educational.  Cross referencing scripture enhances the prophecy and is a bonus for those wanting to go further in their study.  

All in all,  this is a must have for the ordinary  Christian seeking to understand Revelation without being terrified!

NOTE:   In 2010, Larry Richards and Zondervan Publishing released an updated copy of Duck’s original entitled  “Revelation,  The Smart Guide to the Bible” in paperback and Kindle edition. 



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