Do you wish you loved reading the Word of God?                                                          

Do you wish the Bible was relevant in your life?

Do you wish you could apply Biblical principles to your daily walk?

We are a people with many flaws and imperfections.  Providentially,  we have a perfect God with no flaws.  We are on a journey to eternity traveling through a fallen world. Together we make the trip more bearable and even enjoyable.

Inside Story Seals of Approval                                                         

Tonya Pember’s Inside Story is a thoughtful guide that will grow your understanding and enjoyment of God’s Word. Each week, readers benefit from a wonderful overview, insights relevant to life today and thought-provoking questions. Plus, her organization of the Bible by genre is fascinating. This is a wonderful guide and devotional that invites readers deeper into the riches of scripture.    —-Karen Bouchard, Managing Editor, Power for Living

Several years ago, TonyaAnn attended my workshops at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference.  She did something afterward that surprisingly few writers do; she wrote.  Though it took a few years, TonyaAnn obeyed God’s call and the result is her book, Inside Story:52 weeks in the Word.  She writes as a fellow sojourner who has struggled to read through the Bible, something all of us can relate to.  Her approach is flexible and fresh, engaging the reader to connect with the Word of God in a new, relevant way.  I can’t think of a more needed resource in these days of increased Biblical illiteracy.      Sherri Langton, Associate Editor, Bible Advocate