Thinkin’ on Micah

  Yes, Micah, a little book tucked into the back of the Old Testament.  Micah was a country prophet who lived during Isaiah’s time.   He was a ‘rural’ preacher who was specific about the sins he observed.   He’s called a “minor prophet” by scholars but depending on your circumstances, you might find what he has to say MAJOR.  

In Micah 7, this “minor” prophet extols Israel’s misery; His words translated in the Message could have been my words at times in my life journey.    “I’m overwhelmed with sorrow!  Sunk in a swamp of despair,   the powerful rich make sure they get what they want.   Neighborhoods and families are falling to pieces.”    The NIV says “even with the woman, who lies in your embrace, guard the words of your lips.”  Yikes, you can’t even trust your own spouse or children,   yeah, some of us have been there. 

Reading this chapter can really ruin your day, until verse 7;   I’m always amazed at how prophets like Jeremiah and poets like David can write such sorrow and then, snap!  Pull it up out of the pit.   Micah says “But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God, my Savior, my God WILL hear me.”    The message says, “But me, I’m not giving up.  I’m sticking around to see what God will do I’m waiting for God to make things right, I’m counting on God to listen to me.”    He goes on to count his blessings finishing with reminding himself and his readers that “(GOD) You will be faithful . . .  and show love . . . as you pledged an oath to our ancestors in days long ago.”
Whatever the day holds for you, whatever sorrows, heartaches or joys that wait, stick around to see what God will do.  Think on that.  

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