The Power of Yet

      YET    defined by as “even, still”.  In Isaiah 30, Isaiah has been admonishing the “obstinate”  children of Israel for their rebellion.  His words are harsh enough to make even the most resilient  feel hopeless.  Tonya’s translation:   “God tried to help you,  but your wouldn’t take his help,  You weren’t willing to do anything God said,  You want to run,  you’re going to,  but your enemies are going to be faster.  One of them will capture 1000 of you.”   ?   

     However,  in verse 18,  Isaiah  brings forth a thought to give them hope. “Yet,  the Lord longs to be gracious to you…”    YET,   there are still conditions where God would,  in great mercy,  bring them back into His fold. 

       YET,  the power of yet.  Yet says that there is still hope,  things can still turn around,  even in the face of all our sin, all our rebellion,  all our failures,  even, still, Yet,  the Lord longs,  wants it more than anything,  to be gracious,  to give mercy.
Our Lord still longs to forgive.  “Longs”  has been translated as “craves, yearns,”  Imagine, the King of the Universe,  creator of the world,  “aches”  to be good to me, in spite of my failures, in spite of all my sin.
     This morning, I’m wondering what YET lies before me.
       Thinkin’ ‘bout the power of YET.

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