I grew up with doom and gloom prophecies. I heard all the sermons, saw all the videos and lived in absolute fear of the “end of the world”.   Fear was palpable as news about nuclear bombs, communism and corrupt politicians dominated.  Then there were the so-called “men of God” famous televangelists,  who blatantly sinned and built kingdoms to themselves. I repeatedly heard the saying, “If God lets America prosper, He must apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah.”  2020 feels like the year God said, I apologize to no one, ENOUGH America. 

In the midst of Covid 19’s judgement and with protests raging in our streets and burning cities, America continues in sin.  High courts continue to legalize sin.  In the midst of global shut down, the murder of innocent children was considered “essential”.  While it was deemed unnecessary for the people of God to gather, it was applauded that protesters march on our houses of government and ridicule our men and women of law enforcement.   God help us.  But I couldn’t blame Him if he doesn’t. 

Videos and articles are forwarded to me on a daily basis.  Some are doom and gloom, others call to action,  others just make me sad.  We live in sobering and frightening times. These days I try to file things in one of three places:

·       Totally untrue, forget it.

·       Totally truth, my litmus test is it has to come straight out of God’s Word. 

·       Pray about this and seek discernment                                                                                                        (See next week’s post on discernment,  subscribe to me as not to miss it.)

Whatever  the topic, as I wrestle with truth, there is only one possible response:  Mercy.  “The discretionary power of the judge to pardon”.   Grace is getting what we don’t deserve, Mercy is escaping what we do.  America is in need of mercy.   

 Because I’m still stumbling through the chronological Bible, I’ve read many stories of God’s anger against the Israelites. And I’ve noticed how many times He extended mercy.    So, I went digging.   There are at least, 34 instances in the Bible where God chose to “relent”.  Repeatedly the Israelites drove God to anger but Moses would plead for them, they would repent and God would relent.  The people of Nineveh repented and God chose to show compassion and forgive them. In the book of Amos, God relented at his desperate prayer.  Our God is NOT a God who wavers, He IS a God of compassion.  Every time God “changed his mind”, it was in regard to punishment. 

I do not know if all of this is God’s punishment.   I do not know if God will reign mercy again on us.  I am so frustrated with the direction we seem to be intent on going, it’s hard to pray for deliverance.    Regardless, I am convinced there is only one prayer for us.  Mercy, Mercy, Please forgive us or we will not survive. 

 Prayin’ for mercy today, I can’t just think about it. 


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