In the Wait, Watch & Trust

      Habakuk 2:2 has been in my face for the last few months.   It is the scripture of the Colorado Christian Writers Conference.  It’s on every email and every piece of communication that comes from CCWC.   
     I went to it a few mornings ago to read it in context.  I was surprised to see Habakuk 2:1-4 bounce out at me.  Yet another not-so-famous Bible verse.    
      CEV   “While standing guard on the watchtower,  I waited for the Lord’s answer.”    There it is again,  waiting  AND  WATCHING for the Lord’s answer.  That expectancy of an answer.  He’s been speaking that to me for the last many weeks.   In the next verse, presumably Hab IS watching and  listening, God says, “I WILL  give you my message….  Write it clearly enough to be read at a glance”.     When God says,  WILL ,  there should be no doubt about what’s going to happen next.   Here it comes,  here’s the answer.    And by the way, write it down and pass it around. 
       And then,  “At the time I have decided, my words will come true.  You can trust what I say about the future,  it may take a long time, but keep on waiting, it will happen!”
    Look at how many times in this passage he says “Will”.   God is leaving no doubt that His words,  all of them will come true.  Even if it seems like a long wait. 
The next verse says that only those who “live by faith are acceptable”  to God.  So,  in the wait,  I have to trust ,  it’s the only “acceptable”  response.
    I’m thinkin’  today about my friends who are waiting for healing to course through their body.    About a missionary struggling emotionally on a foreign field.  About those who are struggling financially,  those who need wisdom for a decision,  Those whose family is in chaos and those whose broken hearts are pleading for the prodigal child. 
    Matthew Henry says “God will not disappoint the believing expectation of those who wait to hear what He will say to them.”  We can trust the promises He has made,  His words are TRUTH,  it seems like a long wait,  but it WILL happen.  

  Think about that today. 

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