Ancient, I like the word.  It rolls off my tongue with nostalgia.  I have a bit of linguistic knowledge through my hours of Language development in college.  I haven’t used it professionally for some time now, but you don’t lose what you knew.  

“Ancient” according to means “of or in a long time past, dating from a remote period, of great age. Ancient, by its very definition speaks of age, but also everlasting worth.”
The Hebrews called God “Ancient of Days”     I love Michael W. Smith’s song “Ancient Words . . .    ever true, changing me, changing you”
I’m thinkin’ today about those Ancient Words.  The Words of the Bible, centuries old and yet still relevant.   Even the unbeliever has to agree in common sense scripture such as “sharp words cut like a sword”   or “lazy people irritate their employers”   and “thou shalt not kill”. 
These ancient words when applied to my life change me.  Not necessarily my circumstances, me.  
The ancient words change me when I am quiet  with them.   Many times I turn to the BibleHub app and read a scripture in several translations.  I let the ancient words drive deep down within me and reverberate in my heart.  When I open my heart, without presumption, to hear the wisdom of the ancient words.  

  “I have come with open heart, Let these ancient words impart”.  Impart wisdom, comfort, guidance, instruction, Ancient Words.
What ancient word is speaking to you today? 

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