Thinkin’ on Jeremiah

      Jeremiah,  the “weeping prophet”  the one who never had a good thing to say.  Jeremiah’s most famous words are  on pictures, plaques, journals, note cards,  even tattooed on our bodies but these words in chapter 17: 7,8   . . .     
       There was a popular hymn in the 50’s based on this passage.   “I shall not be,  I shall not be moved,   just like a tree planted by the water,  I shall not be moved.”   It had a great bass line.  But I grew up in Oklahoma,  and trees by the water were indeed moved.  If not, by wind, then by lightening,  split right in half.   That’s why I need to THINK about this scripture and ask God for some enlightenment. 
        For starters, we tend to take a verse out of context.  That’s why verse 8 makes no sense without verse 7.  Verse 7 is a contingency,  in order to be like the tree,  we have to ‘trust in the Lord’  and not just trust but put our “confidence” in Him.   Webster says confidence is total and complete belief in a person and their reliability.   So it starts with me. 

      I often consider trusting the Lord with my long list of requests for me and others who need help.  But as I THOUGHT  on this today,  it is also a complete reliance on him for salvation.  Trusting him for survival,  like the tree.
      The tree is planted by the water to gain nourishment’s through it’s roots.   Trees are not afraid of heat, this tree’s leaves don’t curl up and turn brown and drop off to die,  the tree isn’t afraid of no water because the water is right there next to him and this tree NEVER fails to grow fruit.  

       Imagining myself as a tree is daunting but THINK on it,  if I (you) have completely trusted and put my confidence in the Lord,  He gives me the strength of a tree with roots that go deep in His Word,  worship and prayer.  Those roots reach out to the living water and find nourishment for my soul.  When Satan turns up the heat,  I draw from the living water and stand firm.  I cannot curl up and die as long as I draw from this living water.  I won’t fall from the branch,  (think about new testament teaching on branches, vines etc)   I don’t have to worry about not having the water,  my confidence is in the Living Water. 

       And,  I will bear fruit in every season.  There’s the real thought.  Imagine that in whatever season of life:  health or illness,  poverty or riches,  grief or joy,  you can be bearing fruit. 

Just thinkin’.

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