Reject Fear & Anxiety

   Back in February, seems like years ago, a 30-day prayer challenge sailed into my inbox.  I subscribe to  They send inspiring blogposts and challenges by email.  I glanced at it and hit “save”.  This particular piece was titled 30 Day Prayer Challenge:  Fighting fear & Anxiety with the Promises of God by Debbie McDaniel.  It was originally published in September 2016. 
   Back in February, I was living a pretty peaceful existence. A family member was having medical tests for a potentially serious disease but the Lord had spoken such peace and assurance to me, I wasn’t overly concerned.  Fear & Anxiety were not currently a problem for me.  I must confess that these have been crippling in the past.  Perhaps that’s why, I was saving the doc for future use just in case.    
   On February 23, I opened the document and read the brief devotional and three scripture references. By March 2, our world had changed drastically, my personal world took an even sharper turn. Suddenly, fear and anxiety reared it’s ugly head. Providentially, I was 9 days in to this study; even more fortunate,  I had been journaling each day, choosing one of the 3 suggested scriptures for in-depth study. 
    Several years ago, while reading The Daniel Prayer by Anne Graham Lotz, I adopted her Bible Study method and use it almost daily for whatever scripture pops up in a devotion or sermon.  From Beth Moore studies, I learned to pray before reading the Word, asking God to show me what he wants me to see.  The God of all creation wants to speak to me, I owe Him my attention and ears!   I’ve linked Anne’s method and the ibelieve document below.
   For the next thirty days, I am going to blog the scriptures and insights that I have gained from the reading regarding Fear & Anxiety.  In many cases, these are not the most well-known scriptures.  I hope they speak peace to you in this tumultuous time. I invite you to think on these things with me. 


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