Jesus blood can make the vilest sinner clean

   I heard Marilyn Meburg speak at a Women of Faith conference years ago on the subject of “Mostly I don’t want to”      I feel that way a lot these days. I DID NOT want to hear what God said to me during an online service Sunday morning.  I DO NOT want to write this post.  I DO NOT want this blog to be a stumbling block or bone of contention.   I do want to be obedient.  I was compelled to write this, so much so,  I typed it Sunday mid-morning.  I never write on Sunday ( a post for another day).   

   So the sermon was from Luke 15,  lost sheep,  lost coin and prodigal son.  Anyone who knows me knows my heart for the prodigal.  My writing group knows I have a manuscript in my head for parents of prodigals.  There’s a thick file of resources, journaling and notes about prodigals.  I settled into the online service  with my notebook to add some “research”.    My friend and technology savior during my years at MPS spoke from my homechurch online. He told a story from his childhood about a metal detector and digging through dirt for the treasure. He noted that too many times we look at the dirt of a person’s life and fail to see the value of that person.

I know well the value of the list of prodigals on my prayer wall. No one has to explain the value of a lost child.  I have cried with mothers whose hearts are broken over their children’s choices.  Some of you have cried with me.  I know the value of those kids.  Admittedly I find it hard to find value in some of our political leaders.     

I did not want to think immediately of Kamala Harris. Her words and actions leave a lot of dirt clinging to her life. In this political climate, most of the attention focused on her reveals a lot of dirt. So when I thought of her “value”, I was quick to relegate it to less than zero. My comments about her, (true or not) are very unkind. I have bought in to the media posts and reports from ‘christians’  about her.  I have compared her to some very unsavory characters.  Her beliefs terrify me.

   My heart asked me what might happen if I began to pray for Kamala’s lost soul rather than her defeat.  I didn’t want to answer but I knew the answer.  I also knew I didn’t have that in me,  it would have to come from the Lord.  But,  I would submit to His will in this.  

   We, the people of God,  are fervently praying for our country and the upcoming election.  Most of us,  (me included)  are praying for a certain person and party to “win”.  Certainly our future as a country depends a great deal on the outcome. Defeating whoever, is not God’s priority.    God asked  me today,  and I’m asking you,  to center your prayers this week on those FROM BOTH PARTIES who do not know Jesus.  Those who are lost and bound for Hell.  For the next few days,  let’s pray for the salvation of Kamala Harris and those whom God puts on our hearts. In the chaos and confusion and fear,  let’s get this right.  Jesus came to “seek and save the lost”.  Let’s partner with Him in that mission.  

Think about that.

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