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He’s Still God 12/8/21

The first line  of Phillips, Craig and Dean’s song You’re still God, says  “I thought I could trust you.”   It causes the saint to be shocked at the honesty, the transparency,  some might even be offended by it. In another time,  I might have been. But not today,  today,  it is exactly what I’m thinking. If you’re honest,  you’ve thought it too.                                                                                        We, who, know the Lord expect Him to be completely trustworthy and faithful. Because He is. However, on that day when it seems like all hell has lashed out against you,  when everything you ever believed seems lost, and your heart is not only in pieces but scattered across the widest desert, everything you thought you knew,  well…  “ I thought I could trust you.””                                    In that moment,  we must, we MUST move back to the past before we can move forward. We cannot move forward in the belief that we “thought” he was trustworthy,  implying that maybe he isn’t. In that moment, we must look back. Like the songwriters we must acknowledge in the deepest recesses of our soul, that we know he is trustworthy because we have experienced his constant faithfulness.                                                                                                                                          As we intentionally enumerate the situations, the crisis’,  the examples of his faithfulness in our lives;  even in our brokenness, we must proclaim. He is still God. Sovereign, omnipotent, omnipresent, loving.  Every situation, every crisis, every heartache had to pass though His hands before it reached his child. Sometimes He perpetuates the event for our good,   (think Job)   other times He permits the event because of our choices, (think  Israelites, wilderness, 40 years)  Neither goes unnoticed by our Father.                                                                                                           Phillips, Craig and Dean end their song with “and all I’ve got left is a whisper to say,  ‘you’re still God’.”  If you’ve got a strong voice today, share it with someone,  whose got nothing but a whisper right now. Remind us that He has always been faithful. Our whispers will become shouts again,  soon.

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