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      Tony Evans of OCBF in Dallas is a renown author, speaker and man of God. I’ve been “going” to his church virutually throughout the pandemic.  His speaking is solidly Biblical. After taking the entire month of August to study and pray about a sermon series, he began speaking about “Kingdom Voting”. I was intrigued from the opening sermon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itt8gj5cAco

   I finally caught up on the video replays from all my travels. I suggest you watch them in order as he builds on each week. I started wishing I had a twitter account; I want to quote the wise and just statements he is making regarding  the upcoming elections.  I am confident my next few posts will include some of them and what God is saying to me through them. 

   Kingdom voting is the “perspective of God’s activity in society and government.   It is the opportunity and responsibility of committed christians to partner with God by expanding his role in society through civil government.”  

   While Pastor Evans calls himself a “kingdom independent”  and repeatedly proclaims that he will NOT endorse a certain party or candidate,  I nodded approvingly at many of his comments. Confident that he and I share the same loyalties to the conservative party. Until we didn’t. Pastor Evans achieved his goal of making me think about ALL candidates. He spoke of “alignment”  with scripture in both person and policy.  He admonished christians to vote for “maintaining a safe, a just, a righteous, compassionately responsive environment for freedom  to flourish.” I was convicted to truly pray God’s will, not what I think or want to be God’s will.     

   Christians CANNOT rely on media ads and news reports to determine what candidates stand for.  Our airwaves are ripe with half truths and downright lies.   We must go to direct quotes from candidates and take them in entirety not out of context.  It will require time and effort on the part of the voter who truly wants to Kingdom vote.  We will need a tool to help us discriminate and discern truth.  We need a tool to analyze policies.  Fortunately we have one!  It’s called the Bible,  the Holy Scriptures.   2Timothy 3:16 (CEV) says “Everything in the Scriptures is God’s Word.  All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live.” And VOTE.

Thinkin’  ‘bout this led to this.     

Pastor Evans and I both know neither candidate is perfectly “aligned ” with scripture. Check out his instruction in his sermon videos. Stay tuned for my thoughts on that subject!

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