Triple Cord Prayers

   In 1984 Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho was pastoring a large church in Korea.  As a scholar of the Bible, Dr. Cho knew the only catalyst for revival and safety from the government was prayer.  However, the logistics of his congregation made gathering for a weekly prayer meeting difficult.  Taking his plan from Ecclesiastes 4:12, (GNT) “Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person  alone.  A rope made of three cords is hard to break.” Dr. Cho asked his congregation to connect in groups of three and set aside fifteen minutes one day a week to pray.  They did not have to physically come together for prayer, simply stop and pray where they were at the same time of day once a week.  With his large church, he believed that there would be three people praying 24/7 across his city.  The Korean Christian church exploded.   12,000 converts a month were being added to the Kingdom of God.
   I have borrowed Dr. Cho’s idea on several occasions in my life.  For three years, four Mama’s with prodigal sons prayed every Sunday afternoon for their boys. One of the four has returned to the Lord, the remaining three have reconnected with those Mama’s and are slowly turning their hearts to home. 
   Three RFK camp staff members from three different camps in two states joined together on Sunday nights for a year to believe for our summer camps that minister to neglected and abused children.  One director reported her staffing issues had never been easier or more efficient in ten years.  Another camp experienced extreme opposition during planning that was overcome in implementation.   
   Over the course of the last few months, many calls for prayer have gone out from churches; many congregants have answered.   I was one, but I confess, I have grown weary.  However, I also confess that I am desperate.  If He does not act, we will not survive.  So, I ask two things of you today:
1.      Commit to CBN’s September 26th event, The Return.
2.      Gather three friends and set a time to pray together weekly between this week and September 26.  Some suggest 7:00-7:15 am or pm in honor of 2 Chronicles 7:14.
We are God’s children and we must humble ourselves, pray and turn from our wicked ways.  It is our only hope.   Don’t think about it, do it!

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