Crisis, Chaos & Confused

     Good Friday.   The title of my blog, written days ago is  exactly what the disciples would have been feeling on this day so many decades ago.  That world,  like ours,  was in crisis, chaos and the believers of Jesus were confused.
   On March 6, I entered the word “Coronavirus” into my journal for the first time.  A google search tells me that our media first used the word in December, 2019.  They’ve used it a great deal since that time.  I watch the news about once a day, usually in the evening.  I’ve taken my own advice to turn it off,  I sleep better for it. 
    In the light of day,  there is no denying the change in our culture.  As I sit here in good health with a full fridge and toilet paper,  I can pretend the crisis outside my window is minor.  But I know the reality,  even without the news.  Our country is in crisis.  As of today, the death toll for America stands at  16,095.  Still,  no matter whose data you look at,  survival rates are 97-99.9%.  Israel reported today that 100% of their tested cases have survived.   I have several friends and acquaintances who have recovered from the virus,  some miraculously.  
   Our country is in chaos  the definitions of “essential”  are as broad as they are long.  Retail outlets,  restaurants, libraries, schools and churches are shut down while liquor stores remain open.  Senior Citizens rush the grocery store early in the morning to grab disinfectent and toilet paper. 
    Our citizens are confused.  It is difficult to find truth within our media and social media.  Information comes so fast and furiously that some situations are changed before we heard of them. The “experts”  are divided in their opinions of how the virus spreads,  how to treat it and on and on.  
   The Bible translates all this into “anxiety, concerns, cares, worry”.   As I read that list,  I’ve felt them all .  Scholars believe  David wrote Psalm 46 as a praise after he had been victorious in battle.  Matthew Henry points out that  usually God requires that we cooperate with Him, but understand that our efforts are pointless.  Psalm 46:10 CEV says “ Our God says, ‘Calm down, and learn that I am God. All nations on earth will honor me.”   I focused back on March 6 on CALM DOWN.  Chill out,  relax,  take a breath.  It was early in this crisis.  Today,  other words command my attention:  Learn that I am God.   Ellicott comments that this is the introduction of a Divine Protector.  As I typed “divine protector”  all the tightness drained right out of my shoulders.  My Divine Protector is on the job this morning.  Just as he was 2000+ years ago when he took stripes on His back for my healing and thorns on His brow for my salvation.   

Thinkin’ on that today.  

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