Salvation & Power are Established

  At a Christmas tea, I was given a December calendar with one scripture reading a day focusing on the Christ of Christmas.    I really didn’t intend to do it, let alone make it a priority.  I’m already doing Lee Strobel’s the Case for Christmas study once a week and I have a daily devotion.  But, on a whim, I decided to read the scripture designated each morning from the Message.  Short and sweet.  Today was Revelation 12:5   I know, Revelation, what’s that got to do with Christmas? I won’t discuss that here but I’ve had enough Bible study to understand the connection.  So, I just kept reading through the chapter, until verse 10.  I have heard that verse, even heard it preached but today, well, it got me to thinkin’.

“Salvation and Power are established!”  Safety and miraculous power are installed, shown to be true, proven, and accepted permanently.   The word “established” has seven definitions on  All of them speak to stability, settled, valid, truth and permanence. 

We all know the story of Christmas, Jesus’ birth and how he came to die for us.  But THINK,this event absolutely settled any question about salvation and power.   I don’t question my salvation; I know his death on Calvary afforded me grace to accept that.  But, Power?  Valid and permanent power. 

I don’t think I live that way, a life in which power is settled.   I don’t think I live like all my comings and goings are under HIS power.  If I did, I would not be so quick to fear, to assume the worst.  To wander about the money in my checking account and rush to check the balance online.  To be impatient with those who don’t see things my way.    I’m not sure how my life would look if I lived like “power was established”. 

I’m thinkin’ on it.  Will you? 

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