Life just won’t Let Up

   Today’s scripture reading is a familiar one, even one set to music.  As a child, we sang  “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength,  they shall mount up as wings like eagles.  They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.  Teach me, Lord.  Teach me, Lord to wait.”    Isaiah 40:31-32
  On March 19, I noted in my prayer journal, under requests, “I am weary, disappointed and tired with no end in sight”.   That was 30+ days ago!  Even the strongest, sharpest, smartest warriors get weary.  David certainly did,  look at all the Psalms he wrote about being worn slick. Several years ago, Tenth  Avenue North sang about being worn.  “even before the day begins”  speaks volumes about these days,  
   All of us are having days when it’s just too much to get dressed and as long as I’m in my pajamas, I might as well stay in bed.  If we do get up, we wonder into the kitchen and eat the first thing we see.  Exhaustion born of busyness or boredom is an opening for the enemy.  Remember he came to Jesus when Jesus was tired and hungry. 
   In these verses,  Isaiah notes that age and health do not matter when it comes to fatigue.  Everyone gets tired.  We know this true as we watch our children. They miss their teacher,  their friends,  their routine of life.  We are all tired of this!  And when we start to look into the future and can’t see a light at the end of this tunnel, hopelessness sets in,  sadness takes over and the what ifs roll over our mind and body. 
  “But”, (yet, still, nonetheless, in spite of.)  those who wait ( expect, hope, trust)  in the Lord shall renew (restore, mend, replenish) their strength.  The strength that comes from our Lord and Savior.  Waiting implies an expectant hope. No one stands at the door waiting for a delivery they did not order.  When we “wait’ we think something is about to arrive.  
   Today,  even though I am worn,  I’m going to climb the stairs to the watchtower of Micah 7:7 and scan the horizon,  watching for my Lord to come into this pandemic.  
Thinkin’ about joining me?   I feel stronger already!

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