Sittin’ around, doin’ nothin’

   I’m thinkin’ this morning about a simple, seemingly uninspiring verse: 
John 6:3 “. . . and Jesus went up on a mountain with his disciples and sat down.”  Thirteen words that we gloss right over, it’s not the main idea of this passage.  This verse proceeds the story of the feeding of the 5000.  Jesus and his friends climb a mountain and sit down. I totally relate to that; I generally sit down way before the top of the mountain.  Anyway, they just sit together.  Jesus isn’t doing any formal teaching; they are just socializing.  Friends shooting the breeze.
   Jesus already knew what he was going to do later in the day and what he wanted them to learn from the miracle.  He knew what good and bad choices they would make that day and the effects of their choices.  Without telling them anything He had planned, He prepared them for their day.  Just because, they were sitting with Him. 
   In Just Give Me Jesus, Anne Graham Lotz talks about sitting with Jesus.  She is amazed that something she read during her morning devotional time is often shared with someone during her day. Even more astonishing, it seems to be exactly what the other person needed. 
   That happens to me.   These blog posts generally come from something that happens in my morning reading, studying and prayer.  I have shared some words with friends or acquaintances that surprised me.  And when asked, “How did you know that?”   I truly didn’t know.  And even now, I remember the circumstance but not the words I used.   I’ve walked away thinking, “what a coincidence that I had read or heard that recently”.  
  A Coincidence is “a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparentlyby mere chance”.   Apparently, NOT.    When I sit down with Jesus in the morning, (on the front range, not in the mountains) He knows what I will face that day.  He knows who I will come into contact with. IF I stop, and just sit with him, He shows me things in His Word or in an article. Often it is something I will be called upon to share.  Sittin’ with Jesus takes on a whole new meaning when I consider how He might use that time for His glory.  
   Sittin’ with Him this morning,  He suggested I share this.

   Thinkin’  I need to take more time just sittin’ with Jesus.  How about you?    

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