New Routes

Last summer ,  I drove over two thousand miles in 17 days.  A trip I’ve done several times before. As I planned my return, I mapped a different route from OKC to Denver, but circumstances sent me back to boring, flat land I35 to I70 across Kansas. It was the same scenery;  the same gas station stops and the drive through at Steak n Shake in Goodland. The obligatory stop at the last Braums before Colorado in Salina, Kansas, and decision to take backroad 83 instead of 70 into downtown Denver. It was the usual road trip. usual road trip.                                                                How many times do we take the same way to work every day,  the same road to our summer cabin,  the same itinerary  to Grandma’s house,  same street,  same turns, same stoplights? Most of us travel the same route day after day. It’s familiar, it’s easy and the car practically drives itself.          I got  bored with the “same ole” when it came to Bible reading. That’s why I wrote Inside Story: 52 Weeks in the Word. (See I was looking for different. A different trek through the same ancient words. A reader commented on Inside Story: “It’s as though I’m on a journey that I’ve been on many times but taking a different route. So many new and interesting things to see.                                                                                                                                            If you’ve never read the Bible completely before,  try the genre reading plan. You won’t get stuck in the wilderness right away;  you’ll get some breathing room in heavy prophecy, and you’ll find Jesus in every book.                                                                                                                                     If you are an avid Bible reader,  it’s time for a different route through familiar territory.

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