I came for a Season

A few weeks ago,  I mentioned that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  I’ve been blessed to be part of some stories for a season. The life of a teacher.  Teachers change communities every year as one class moves on and another takes its place.  I was a seasonal character in hundreds of children’s lives.  Doubly blessed to be a character in the lives of girls who walked through my Girls Ministry.  In the local church as well as the district events.  When you are a seasonal character it is vitally important that you are intentional with your time.  It’s limited and you must make the most of every moment.  Moments Matter is the motto of Forthechildren.org. I’ve been a seasonal character in the lives of 500+foster children who spent a week with the “fun fairy”.   This summer will be my 22nd year of playing that character.

Interestingly,  it was harder to think of scenarios where I entered someone’s story for a reason.  I’ve come to accept part of my calling on earth as “connector”.  Somehow I know where to go for some things or who to contact for info.  Most often  I suddenly remember something apropos to the situation at hand and frequently surprise myself at some tidbit I read sometime.

My experience as a CASA led me to offhandly mention to a friend a case of three toddler boys who needed a foster home.  She contacted a social worker who firmly assured her that you do not get to cherry pick children to foster.  Social Workers don’t know everything.  Those boys have been in my friend’s home for 12 years.   She and her husband adopted them.

Are you in someone’s life for a season right now?  Consider being intentional about the interactions you have with those you come into contact with.

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