The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls   MJ Thomas       published by Worthy Kids   2017-2021

Thomas’s series contains 9 books featuring siblings Peter and Mary and their dog, Hank.  Each book in the series transports the children to a place of Biblical significance. The Garden of Eden; the Ark, Egypt, Jericho, the battlefield of Goliath, a lion’s den, Bethlehem,  Sea of Gailee and the empty tomb. The children are transported via a pot of scrolls hidden in their great uncle’s ancient library.  The great uncle is an eccentric archaeologist who discovered the scrolls near the Dead Sea.  The fantasy element is believable and enjoyable.  The characters are emersed in a world of wonder, adventure and danger.  They must find the secret of the scroll or be lost in time forever.  Written for 6-9 year olds,  the books are not deeply theological.  Churched children will be quite familiar with the stories.

Thomas holds a degree from Liberty University in Biblical Studies.  These books testify to his research as each story is Biblically based,  culturally and historically true to the times.  The books rank in the top ten of Amazon’s Children’s Time Travel fiction and Christian Action and Adventure fiction.   They have garnered over 500 five star reviews.

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