It’s almost over…Maybe

    In just a few days we will exercise a right that distinguishes our country from many others.  It is a fundamental right of democracy,  a privilege as well.  Voting.

    The memes, gifs, emoji’s flooding social media address all opinions and angles.  There are many I laugh at,  some I like and a very few that capture my thoughts.  

   A pastor friend recently shared one of those latter ones.  “To think that God could use a filthy minded, adulterous, wealthy man with evil in his heart to preside over a county is beyond me.”  He wasn’t referring to Trump or Biden.  He referred to a “man after God’s own heart”.  A man who history recalls only positively.  The great, great, great, great, grea, grea, gre, gre, gr + grandfather of Jesus, himself.  Israel’s most famous King,  King David.   Yes,  David had a filthy mind,  impregnated another man’s wife, had the man killed, lied to everybody.  He was a good man in many ways until that time when “kings go off to war”  or should have.  

   Apparently, even a man “after God’s own heart”  can be sinful and make a multitude of mistakes.  Even more amazing,  God uses him mightily for His kingdom.  I find many parallels to our situation today.  

   God invites us to partner with him in decisions that govern us.  The constitution gives us the right to partner with Him.  Ultimately,  God himself will choose the one who advances His agenda.  His word assures us that “no authority exists without God’s permission and the existing authorities have been put there by God.  (Romans 13:1  GNT).    

Let’s remember that when the results come in.     

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