Fear of what?

   I’ve really been struggling with today’s post.  The topic is fear of other people’s opinions.  I’m not sure any of us are worried about that just now.  We’ve discovered in the last few weeks all that we can live without.  Selfies are far less common and when they are, we are wearing pajamas.  Everyone loves healthcare workers and teachers.  I’m even posting a blog everyday and not worrying about who reads it or what they think.  The dangerous side of this newly found independence is the conspiracy theories and the lack of truth.  There has never been a better time than now to pray and learn discernment.  More importantly there has never been a worthier time to proclaim the Word of our God.  
   Proverbs 29:25 GWT “A person’s fear sets a trap [for him], but one who trusts the LORD is safe.”  The Hebrew word here for ‘fear’ can be translated “anxiety”.  Anxiety sets a trap for us.  Whether it is born of fear of a virus or fear of what someone else may say or think.  Fear is the opposite of trust.  It comes from doubt of God’s promise and foresight.  We, the people of God MUST set aside our fear and completely trust the God we know.  Our anxiety is a trap for us.  Just the opening the thief has been looking for. 
   Last week I posted about the established heart.  Today, I must decree this again.  I KNOW this God, I know His promises and their conditions.  I cannot fall into the trap of anxiety although it is laid for me every morning. 
We are there! We are at the place where our fears have to face the God we know.  We have to set aside every lie, every concern, and our dread of the future.  Read the following scriptures and reaffirm your belief that they are true. (Check them out in biblehub for 28 translations of each). This is the GOD your fear must face!   
Thinkin’ about:   Hebrews 3:6
                             Psalm 145:8
                            Romans 1:16
                            Isaiah 30:18
                            2 Samuel 7:22
                            Psalm 103:8
                            Psalm 86:15
                            Joel 2:15
                            Nehemiah 9:17
                            Hebrews 13:8

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