How much longer?

    Last week I was blissfully crafting and watching Let’s make a Deal when Norah O’Donnell  filled the screen with breaking news.   President Trump was signing the stimulus bill to help Americans out financially.  After the congressmen patted themselves on the back and the President thanked everyone, he signed it.  I was wrong in thinking I could go back to Wayne Brady. Now the Governor of Colorado had things to say.  He spoke for eleven minutes (before I turned him off).  He spouted numbers after numbers,  dates after dates and explained why liquor stores are “essential”  businesses.  At one point he was giving predictions as to when certain events would happen if this or that.  He acknowledged that this pandemic might continue through the summer. The news that night reported that the Governor was giving us the “worst case scenario”. That was apparent. In fact, neither the news reports or the Governor had anything good to say.    
   The fact is we are living in days of discouragement. I faced the fact early on that it would be easy to become depressed.  I made lists of crafting projects,  home improvement projects and writing projects that I could work on during this time. I planned to extend my devotion and prayer time.  I know me,  fighting discouragement would need to be intentional.
   Jesus knows me too,  and that’s probably why He gave me 30+ verses about it in the Bible.  Today,  we talked about Psalm 43:5.  I use an app/website called all the time.  I love it because it gives me 28 versions of the scripture and 8 commentaries as well as the Hebrew translation.  Verse 5 begins with the question, “Why are you cast down, oh my soul” (NKJV)   The Hebrew says “bowed down”. The other versions call it “discouraged, sad, in despair, dejected, restless, troubled, depressed, agitated.”  Do one of those describe your mood today?  At various times during the day,  I feel all of them.  Look at the first word,  WHY?    The verse doesn’t answer the question,  instead,  it gives me a remedy for the question.  “Put your hope in God.”     
   I hope our medical professionals find a cure or a vaccine for this virus.  I hope those afflicted with it get well,  I hope the stock market rebounds  and I hope it happens soon.  But, my  hope is in the Lord,  Crucified, Resurrected  and coming again.    It’s easy to be discouraged when looking at these circumstances. We MUST look past them to Him.  

The verse continues,  “I will praise Him again” .    I think I’ll spend today praising Him.  Join me?    

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