Good Days

    I spent the last week substituting for a Kindergarten class in a Christian school. This class starts each day with a Bible lesson and prayer requests. 

   For the past 6 days I have written on the board, the same request:  that my grandma, parents, siblings have a good day. Yesterday I asked them what would constitute the answer to that prayer, what would make a “good day”?  They all stopped and looked at me quizzically.  One little girl reported that if her brother said she was a good sister, that would give him a good day.  Another said if others would help her Dad it would make his day better.  (Sounds like a Dad working at home).  One little girl said when she gives her grandma a hug, Grandma will have a good day!  I can testify that is probably true. However, I wondered that the only request that seemed pressing in these little minds was that someone “have a good day”.   At home, grandson Judah always prays for an end to Covid but he hasn’t mentioned it at school.

   I can’t remember when my most pressing need was having a “good day”.  Wouldn’t that be nice that your only worry was a “good day”?  Then I realized, this teacher has cultivated an environment of security and safety.  In this place, Covid is not a worry. Their teacher is quarantined but they aren’t worried about her.  They simply want everyone to have a “good day”.  Their world is run by people who love them and care about them and want the best for them.  They are unconcerned with things outside these walls.   

  I’m reminded that I live in a world where someone loved me enough to die for me.  Someone cares enough about me to be involved in my everyday happenings,  (when I let Him)  and someone who wants the very best for me.  So,  I’m releasing the worry, stress and uncertainity of today.  Today,  I just want to have a “good day”.      

Thinkin’ about that.  

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