If Only, If I’d Known

     In John 4,  we read the story of the Woman at the Well and her encounter with Jesus.  A familiar story to be sure and one that focuses on Jesus as the living water.  This morning I got to THINKIN’ about the first three words of  verse 10  and I looked at them thoughtfully.  “If you knew” .   If you knew.  If only I’d known,  how many times have I said that?   In regards to big and little things,  if only I’d known. .  the road was closed,  I could have gone a different way.   If only I’d known we were on the last drop of ketchup.  If only I had not ignored that hearburn,  If only I’d known he was going to get sick,   If only,  if only.   I often hear people lament,  If I’d known then what I know now.  Be honest,  you’ve said it or felt it. 
    So here we are, at the well,  dry and thirsty and more than a little down and out.  And this man, Jesus,  the Son of God is sitting there patiently waiting for a particular woman to show up. Maybe a woman like us.   And as we trudge up,  carrying the load,  He asks for something. 
     How many times?  How often have I climbed out of bed in the morning like I’m going uphill,  carrying the weight of the day’s tasks, responsibilities and troubles,  stumbled into the kitchen for coffee.  Only to find an email,  text or get a phone call from someone who wants something. These days more likely,  someone with a need that I couldn’t begin to fill.  I’m  tired before the day begins,  overwhelmed by the to-do list and the desperate needs of friends and family.  Jesus says,  stop,  acknowledge me,  spend some time with me.  When I don’t,  the day rambles on,  uphill, usually with more and more baggage weighing in on my heart, mind and body.  Until I finally collapse in a chair in frustration.  If I knew,  I wouldn’t start my day this way.  IF I knew,  I would drink at His well of strength, blessing and wisdom.  IF I KNEW, 
    I DO KNOW!    I KNOW I am adopted, loved, blessed, favored, chosen.   I know this Jesus, intimately, not like I want to,  but pretty well.  I do know.  I know that this Jesus is just waiting for me to call upon Him,  just waiting for me to turn to him.  The Word says that He immediately pays attention to the call of His child.  He doesn’t “turn’  to me,  his eyes are already on me,  waiting for me to turn to Him.   “If you knew”  Jesus says to the woman at the well,  to me,  to you.  “If you knew”,  I do know and so do you.   
    Thinkin’ about it.  

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