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    I’ve always been told to write the book you want to read.  In early 2021,  I knew I wanted to read the Bible through this year.  I had used the One Year Chronological Bible on several occasions and even used the format with a different translation.  I didn’t want to revisit that, and I didn’t want to start in Genesis and go straight through.  I get too bogged down midway through the Old Testament.  So,  I did what you do these days,  I went to google looking for  read the Bible through in one-year charts.  There are lots.  A genre read the Bible through in one year caught my interest.    As a teacher, writer, and reader,  I love to categorize by genre.  As a child we made a genre project to learn the books of the Bible and it is still imprinted in my mind. (see my Instagram)  This one from IntoThyWord   promises to “keep your pace up and prevent you from losing interest and giving up”.   In their version,  you read from a different genre every day.  For example,  Sunday: Gospels:  Matthew 1-2,  Monday: Law:  Genesis 1-3;  Tuesday: History Joshua 1-6  and then through Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy and Epistles.  As I started the reading,  I found skipping through the scriptures a little confusing, so I decided to do a week in each genre.  Seven days in the gospels,  the next week seven days in law and so on.  Using my Full Life Study Bible,  I started each week in a new book,  reading the info about timelines, purposes,  etc. And,  of course,  journaling.    Seven weeks in I mentioned what I was doing to  my writing group leader.   Within a week, I was contracted with Illumify Publishing to publish this idea. 

   It wasn’t as fast as it sounds.   When my friend at the company said,  “I want to publish that book.”  I said,  “what book?”.   When a meme from a book marketing seminar popped up on my fb that suggested God wanted me to take a leap of faith and said “Jump, Baby, Jump” , I thought “ what a coincidence”.   When Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life Faith – Family – Freedom said “We getting ready to go home,  you need to write what God has given you to write”  and suggested that those left behind will be scrambling for books and articles to explain what has happened,  I felt a little sick to my stomach.   When a friend posted on her facebook “Everyone is important. God placed you on this earth for such a time as this. Pray and ask God to reveal to you what your purpose is. What he has for you to do at this time, this appointed time. Be prepared and be willing to step out in faith for what He has for you”.   I jokingly asked if she was trying to be the dew on my fleece.   When she immediately PM’d me with “God wants you to step out and not be afraid.”   I took a very deep breath.  The next morning,  when I prayed for God’s direction,  he said, ( in so many words) You’re not getting a burning bush.  I knew He had been as clear as he was ever going to be. 

    When the publisher and my “team”  told me the book had to be ready for fall due to its content of being a read the Bible through in a year document,  I could see the wisdom in that.  What I couldn’t see was how in the world I could submit the manuscript by May 1st.  Sixty-five days from day of decision.   This didn’t just require writing,  it required research and a LOT of prayer. 

  On April 29 at 4:49MST,  I pushed “send”  and the completed book went to the editor for first re-writes.  I have a detailed timeline of deadlines but Illumify believes it will publish August 10. 

   I always wanted to publish a book but this was not the book I thought it would be!   It is the book God intended me to write.  This blog will be moving to my new website soon.   I need and want your prayers as this endeavor unfolds.  I don’t intend to be a New York Times bestseller,  I intend to point people to the Word of God.  I’ll need your help to spread the word about His Word.  

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