Welcome to Patmos

    So, I’m thinkin’ today about John, the beloved disciple.  The one to whom Jesus entrusted His own mother’s life. John wrote his gospel between 80-95 AD, well after the ascension of Jesus.  He’s very clear that his purpose in this book is that others believe that Jesus is the Christ.  (Bonus Tip:  when an unbeliever asks where to start in the Bible, tell them to read the book of John.  It’s the nutshell book).   A few years later John is living in Ephesus and he pens his three letters to no one in particular.  Scholars believe it was a “circular” letter that circulated among the churches in Asia. Only the third letter was addressed personally to Gaius.   Finally, with all the other disciples dead, John’s testimony and letters get him in trouble with the government.  He is exiled to the Isle of Patmos.  John is a very old man at this point.   He is isolated, cut off from his family, friends and ministry.  Not the way he planned to live out his golden years. 
   Most of us, elderly and the not-so-elderly, are living a 2020 that is not what we planned.  We’ve been exiled to our homes, cut off from the things we enjoy and the people we love to spend time with. Welcome to Patmos.   
   John is alone on an island.  All he can see is water.  He can’t even zoom or text a friend.  There are no drive by celebrations or Netflix.   Our situation is sounding better all the time. 
  Even as John lays back in a hammock, he is not relaxed.  Like us, he’s wondering how he got here.  What he did to deserve this.  In his loneliest moment of isolation, an angel appears.  The angel brings a revelation from God.   THE revelation.  An angel showed up on Patmos, bringing along some parchment and a pen, to give John the end of all our stories. 
   Looking back over the last twelve plus weeks, I’d like to point out I was not exiled on a beautiful island, (yes, I’m still smarting over that Hawaii trip).   I have not had any angelic visitations, (unless you count my grandkids).   However, I have felt the presence of God in my home.  I’ve been able to attend church all over the country via internet.  I’ve read several books by favorite Christian authors.  I’ve taken extra time with God’s Word.  I started really writing this blog.  I have the same amount of time I had before covid 19.  I always invite Jesus into my day.  However, I realized, I invite him to be a part of my already penned to-do list. With no to-do list and a planner full of cancellations, each day really does start fresh.  Jesus doesn’t want to be part of my agenda; He wants to be my agenda.   

Just thinkin’ about that.      

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