Give me your Eyes, Lord

    Pastor Herb Cooper of Peoples Church OKC is doing a series on Last Days                      .  I respect and know him to be a man of God and preacher of truth.  This week he started a list of 7 ways the church needs to get ready for the Rapture.  The first one was “Return to your first love.”   Not just love the Lord your God, but also love your neighbor.  In this teaching, he pointed out that we tend to build relationships with people who are like us.  Not just in color, but in interests, in profession, in beliefs.   It’s natural and nothing is wrong with it.  Unless, we neglect to love the neighbor we don’t understand.  He pointed out that when his wife was crying out in childbirth, he didn’t feel any pain; but he appreciated that she was and sympathized.

   I have never had a son die on foreign soil fighting for our country.   However,  I arrived one morning at work to find that Barb’s only son was missing in action in Afghanistan,. My tears mingled with the rest of the faculty.  It never occurred to me to dismiss her pain. 
   I’ve never lost a job and wondered how I could make ends meet.  But, when Susan text me that her husband was out of work and they couldn’t make their mortgage, I responded immediately with prayer and empathy.  It never entered my mind to shrug and roll my eyes. 
   I did not become a widow with young children to raise alone.  But right after I moved here, a young police officer was killed in the line.  I didn’t know that family.  Still, I watched in tears as the young wife, carrying her small child, marched behind the flag-draped coffin of her husband.  I never once thought she was faking pain. 
     However, this week as I watched protesters around the US march through city streets, God forgive me.  I shook my head and rolled my eyes in disgust.  Wah, Wah, Wah.   I write this after repentance.  
   Many, not all, of those peacefully protesting in our streets today are in pain.  I don’t understand it because I have no experience to draw from in that arena.  Just like bad teachers, immoral preachers, racist policemen and corrupt politicians, there are bad people protesting.  But I don’t label all teachers, all preachers, all law enforcement because of those failures. How can I label all protesters?
     I’m watching the protesters today with new vision.  I’m looking for those who are truly hurting from something I do not understand and cannot comprehend.
   With Brandon Heath, I pray today, Oh Lord;  Give me your eyes. Give me your heart. Let me see the way You see.  Help me love my neighbor, especially the one I don’t have anything in common with.  I need, want and must return to my first love.  The love for God and the love for my neighbor. 
Thinkin’ today about how Jesus sees.

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  1. Tonya, the state of our world surely touches the heart of our Savior. It is for each of those who rally for the cause, those who have faced injustice because of the color of their skin, for those who protect our safety and freedoms, for those of us on the sidelines, watching our world in chaos – it is for each of us that Christ died. He did not die for the black, for the white, for the brown, for the wealthy, for the poor, for the educated or the uneducated – but for every living soul. Christ sacrifices His all for every born and unborn human life. Every life holds such amazing value to our Savior and as His people, we are to love as He loves. I grew up as a military kid, living on military bases and in military communities. We rubbed shoulders with white kids, black kids, brown kids, yellow kids, and thought that it was what all people do. When my dad got orders to come to Oklahoma, I was 14 years old. I soon found out what racism, segregation and prejudice was all about. It broke my heart and I am certain that it breaks the heart of God. I join in your prayer to love my neighbor, regardless of race, creed or color – regardless of faith practices – regardless of wealth or poverty level. I wish this prayer was on the lips of every American today.

    I love your post. Bev

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