Think about God’s promises

    When you pray keep God’s promises in view.  Think about that.   What if every time I went to the Lord in prayer,  I claimed one of his promises.  Not the name it and claim it technique many TV evangelists preach.  A simple taking of scripture,  delving deep into it and then asking God to give me something in light of his promises

   I was reading  I Corinthians 1:27-29   Paul was pointing out that God was using the weak, the maligned,  the silly to confound the world.  He says that God does this so that we have nothing to boast about.  I was thinking of that in light of my writing,  and in my constant prayer that God will lead me in this pursuit. 
     It’ not entirely crazy to ask God to use me to “confound”  the world,  because I definitely do not consider myself ready to take on the title of “Writer”.  In spite of the fact He has been reassuring me to do that for weeks now. 
    What are you hearing in your heart that seems “silly”?  Is God calling you to “confound”  the world in someway.   If it seems overwhelming,  it’s because HE wants to make it happen.  

     What if our prayer was “here I am,  I’m all in for whatever you want me to do.   Whatever your label is for me,  if I’m successful,  I will never doubt is was you, Lord,  and not me.”

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