Psalm 86

     THINKIN’ On  these words of David  in Psalm 86.    It was written during one of David’s many tough times.    He begins by asking God to “hear”  him and “answer”    He repeats this request again in verse 6.  And this time,   David asks God to hear him and grant him,  not what he deserves,  but mercy.  The Message translation calls David a “wretch”.  A wretch would certainly have earned punishment.  Because  Mercy is undeserved, David acknowledges he is asking for something he did not deserve.  Then,  he says something that he knows from experience,  God answers him when he calls.  He is confident in the request he is making of God.  He spends the next 3 verses exalting God and reminding himself of God’s deeds and faithfulness.  He acknowledges his foes and ruthless people around him and then he says the piece de resistance,   He reminds himself and God of the characteristics of God:  “compassionate and gracious,  slow to anger,  abounding in love and faithfulness.”

No wonder David trusted this God whom there was no one like and whose deeds cannot compare with any other.  Imagine,  he is kind and tender, giving,  patient, full of love and he never, never quits. 

 One morning not to long ago,  I was THINKIN’on these THINGS when I realized. This prayer of David in verses 6&7 encompasses all my (and your) needs  “Hear my prayer, Lord”   turn to me,  incline your ear to me,  listen, pay attention because in your presence there is all I need. Hundreds of chorus’ tell of the things that happen in his presence. When  I enter into His presence, I have set myself up for successful requests. 

“Listen to my cry for mercy”  Forgive us,  even though we are undeserving.   Heal us,  deliver us, save us,  not because of what we do but because of who YOU are.

“…in distress I call to you”   We need strength for the suffering, the trials that we and our loved ones are experiencing.    We have needs that require deliverance from cancer,  sin,  sickness, mental health issues.    This verse allows me to enumerate my four  cancer ridden friends,  two young men with traumatic brain injuries, the prodigals,  and their mothers.  These needs “distress” me but right in this Word,  it says I can call to God regarding these needs. 

“because you answer me.”   I ask these things because I know you will answer me. And should there be any doubt about this,  I can skip down and remember that my God is compassionate and gracious. 

  Praying Psalm 86 today and Thinkin´on it.     

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