Another not-so-famous Bible Verse

   Let’s thinkabout Psalm 5:3.  It’s my favorite verse in the Bible, said no one ever.  Few, if any sermons have been preached on it and most of you have no idea what it says.  Me either, until a few days ago. 
    If you grew up in church,  you will probably attribute this verse to David.  After all,  he wrote most of the Psalms.  Knowing what we know about him,  we can formulate a pretty good idea about it’s subject matter.  It took me years to understand that EVERY SINGLE WORD in the Bible has a message for me!  Even the chronologies, ( a post for another day).   God shows us a little gem,  obscure,  that you’ve skimmed over in your One Year Bible several times.  Psalm 5:3  is one of those!
  Think on it a minute,  Psalm 5:3  (International Standard version)  “Lord, in the morning you will hear my voice,  in the morning I will pray to you and I will watch for your answer.”
    I’m not a morning person so I hate to promise the  Lord will “hear my voice in the morning”  but I can commit to  Lord, “ you will hear my voice”  when I wake up.
However,  the word that jumped  from the page at me was  WATCH.  I read the verse in 21 other translations (thru BibleHub )  and then looked at it in the Greek and finally read 3 commentaries.   “Watch for your answer”     A  few posts ago I talked about Micah 7:7 which also suggested that we “Watch”  for the answers to prayer. 
    Watch   look up,  look out,  look forward!  I’m convicted again about my expectancy of answers to my prayer.  I certainly want God to answer my prayer,  I have no doubt he hears my prayer but how expectant am I?  
  One  of the commentators likens  this expectancy to leaning forward,  looking out into the distance and scanning the horizon for the answer.  Maybe even grabbing the binoculars.     
    No one stands in the doorway, glancing up and down the street randomly wondering or hoping their grand kids will show up.  However,  when they’ve texted that they are right around the corner,   I  get up,  stand in the doorway and eagerly wait for the headlights to pull into the driveway.  Watching the end of the street for the car to make the turn.   What if?   What if I adopted that stance while waiting for the answer to prayer.   
      As I prayed over the needs of me and mine this morning,  I wondered how I would act and speak today if I was expecting the answers.  

Just   THINKIN’  about  that,       How about you?  

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