The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion: a Chapter by Chapter Guide

The author calls this book a “visitors guide” to the Ingalls family representing American history. She writes to young people, instilling a curiosity of life of a pioneer family.  The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion is indeed a chapter-by-chapter guide to 9 of the Little House books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Ms. Whipple takes each book, chronologically, and summarizes the story. She includes history of the Ingalls and Wilder families as well as their connection to historical events such as manifest destiny, the railroad expansion to the west and native American uprisings. Actual photographs scatter throughout the text as well as informative sidebars. The sidebars include “fact or fiction” pieces that address the fictional elements of the books.

For each book, the author takes a chapter by chapter explanation of concepts unique to pioneer living. This is followed by “Live like Laura” sections which include recipes, games, scientific experiments that relate to the story and crafts. The chapters end with “House Talk” which includes comprehension questions that scaffold from simple recall of facts to higher level thinking of analysis and evaluation. The author includes a comprehensive glossary and extensive resource list.
The Little House books are readily available in libraries, bookstores, online retailers. In our current education crisis, Annette Whipple’s companion is must have.
TEACHERS: The “companion” is easily adapted to any reading curriculum with a social studies included element. Novel studies become no-prep with this resource that includes integration of social studies, writing, comprehension, art, and science.
PARENTS: The “Companion” is an effective, easy, fun resource for complimenting your reading curriculum. A no-prep, simple to follow discussion guide including comprehension questions.  Book available here!   As an amazon associate I earn from qualifing purchases.

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