You Are Free

You Are Free   Be Who You already Are     by Rebecca Lyons                   Zondervan    2017                Lyons pulls from her childhood thru the present to redefine freedom and give it practicality.   She explains Galatians 5:13-16       Her readers come to understand that freedom is achieved within the boundaries of God’s word.   She is vulnerable and acknowledges that the freedom described in scripture and our lives realities are often in opposition.                                                       Lyons uses her own experiences to illustrate the freedoms that we often do not live in.  The contents address specific freedoms and offers new insight to their meanings.  We are not just free from fear and anxiety,  we are always free in more positive veins.   Lyons capitalizes on these  with chapters including  free to be called,  free to begin again and free to celebrate.                                     For every Christian who has struggled with feeling “free”,  this book delivers encouragement and practical application.  A must read for those who wish to grow in faith.

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