Let’s Talk About Series

Joy Berry’s Let’s Talk About series published in the mid 1980’s by Grolier are dated. The topics, however, are not dated.  Forty years ago children had difficulty with lying,  selfishness,  cheating and all the other topics.  The picture book format seems to be more appropriate for younger children,  but the messages can be relayed to older children by a skilled reader.

The books are not narrative  as the characters and their issues change with the text.   In a double paged spread,  the author writes a brief text regarding the issue at hand.  An illustration on the right hand side illustrates the text most often with dialogue.   For example,   late in the Let’s Talk about Lying book,  the author writes,  “People usually find out when you lie to them”.  The illustration of a little girl cringing in the hall as her mother calls from the adjoining room,  “Michelle, will you please come here?”   This is the same format in all of the books.

I bought these books in the late 80’s when I was raising children.  They were and are a conversation starting point.  As a kindergarten teacher,  I pulled the books for read aloud anytime we were having an issue with teasing, interrupting and/or bossy children.  The illustrations and accompanying text are realistic and easily relatable.

The bad news,  the 1980 editions are out of print and only available through used book vendors (Amazon can hook you up)  and are very expensive. The good news:   the undated versions published in 2010 are available on Amazon.   The Better News,  you can purchase her books from her website https://joyberryenterprises.com/


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