Taking Sides… Again


Social media is the bane or the joy of our existence.  We hear and read pros and cons of our time spent there.  I really don’t write about social media due to its controversies.  I’m sure I spend too much time on it and writers are admonished to use it  for marketing.

   During the 2020 election and covid, I worked hard to be discerning.  I had to hide dear friends and I physically held my hands in my lap to resist typing snark. 

   A recent repeatedly shared quote by Rainn Wilson has broken my heart.  He uses his own definition of Christ to berate those who believe in gun rights,  are against certain medical procedures, believe in smaller government and are patriotic.  I don’t really care  about Rainn Wilson, (although the Bible says I should)  but I love, love some of the people who are reposting his rant.  Jesus is not republican or democrat,  see my post of February 10, 2021  Donkey Or Elephant?.   

  While reading the book of Job, we see his friends saying just enough truth to deceive.  They absolutely are right on some things, but opinionated on others. Not unlike us, and those around us. 

     Without a doubt, there was a minority who trusted the republican party as the party of God to their detriment. It become idolatry as so many believed Trump was the savior of religion freedom.  It was wrong.   That said,  regardless of anything, political, economical, social, anything;  comments like Wilson’s that project human beliefs on our Savior cannot be pleasing to him.    When Joshua asked the Angel of the Lord whose side he was on,  He responded,  “ I’m on the Lord’s side!”  We don’t need to define that,  He defined it in His Word.  

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