Micah. Again.

Micah came back around after about a year of absence.  Micah.   The “minor prophet”  Micah.  The guy who is so “minor”  no one ever preaches from his writings,  never been a Bible Study about Micah and few sermons feature him as the main character.
In college,  I took a class called “The Minor Prophets”  ( I had to have 16 hours of Bible,  the professor was rumored to be entertaining).   We read a book  called Prophets on Main Street  by J. Elliot Corbett.  It seemed very relevant in 1973,  and surprisingly more so today.

  Micah showed back up today and I had to reflect on why Micah keeps showing up in my life about once a year.   I wrote from him in one of my first blog posts back in July.  I zeroed in on chapter 7,  the last part of verse 7.  Interestingly,  today,  the first part of the verse spoke to me.   “. . .watch in hope for the Lord”.    

 As I read through the commentaries on the verse and the different translations, a picture formed in my mind.  In Colorado,  up in the high country,  there are tall towers with enclosed platforms where park rangers spend their days and nights, binoculars slung around their neck, high powered telescope readily accessible,  watching the mountains for any sign of fire or avalanche.  I could suddenly imagine,  my dear friends battling cancer,  the mothers praying for their prodigals,  the missionary in captivity and/or battling demonic powers far from home.  I saw them,  standing in a tower,  binoculars around their neck,  scanning the countryside for their Lord.  For the healer to come around the bend.  For the deliverer to come into view over the hill.  To catch a glimpse of the Savior coming down the road toward them.  I imagined that they glanced out the window frequently  and checked the doorstep first thing every morning.  

   That verse ends with “God WILL answer my prayer.”  Coincidentally,  ( I think not),  that was the part of the verse I blogged about in July. 

 Sometimes, oftentimes I get so focused on the circumstance and so desperate in prayer  that I forget to  watch, to look,  to expect the answer.

 Today,  I’m THINK’IN about sitting by the window and watching for my Lord to work wonders in me, my friends and family. 

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