Trust & Obey

In my blog post of  July 9, 2019, I wrote about music and how it affected and still affects my daily life,  since childhood.  Morning devotion times always end in a chorus  and usually it’s one I haven’t thought of in awhile.  Sometimes it’s not even a christian song.  This morning it was A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman  but that’s another story.

As I was working on a proposal this morning,  I started singing,  “As we walk with the Lord,  in the light of His word,  what a glory He sheds on our way”   Initially,  I didn’t even think what the song was until I got to the chorus,  “Trust and Obey,  for there’s no other way”    Weird.  I’m not in a period of disobedience that I know of.  And there’s no huge trial going on in my life right now.

But,  whoops,  I do spend a lot of time writing, studying and submitting pieces that go nowhere.   I post this blog for the 3 of you that read it, and I wonder frequently if any of this is worthy of my time and effort.     I do not write for the masses or publish best sellers but I’m being obedient to what he asks of me.  Perhaps my ministry is for  the one or two.  Perhaps it’s just for me.  Because certainly I’m changing with every word I type.

(Cue  He’s still workin’ on me!)

Rachel Hollis says,  “So I have two choices: I can write down words and send them out into the world and hope they find a home. Or I can hide my light under a bushel because I’m too afraid someone won’t like the glare.”

My fear isn’t you won’t like the glare,  I’m more afraid it won’t be bright enough to pierce any darkness.  I write in obedience to what he tells me to type.  I post when I’m sure His timing is right and for reasons I cannot explain;   I study, write and submit.  

“For there’s no other way,  to be happy in Jesus,  but to trust and obey.” 

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