Show me the Money, if it’s still there

   I don’t have a lot of money, I sold a house in Oklahoma a couple of years ago and put that money in “low risk” investments.  I haven’t had the desire to check over the last few  weeks.  I’m sure it’s depleted a bit,  but I’m okay for now.   I’ve heard some friends and family in extreme despair over the amounts “lost in the stock market”.   Indeed the news wants to shout  “depression”  several times daily.   I know some small business owners and restaurant owners who are in dire straights now.  My nail tech and my hairdresser are without income and I understand their fear and frustration. 
    Jesus did too.  He knew humans need money, He understood its purpose and He knew how it could corrupt the heart. In Matthew 6, Jesus was giving some practical tips for life and in verse 25, he spoke of money.   Even in this very practical discussion,  He desired that we would trust in Him. 
   “Look at the birds”.  I am not a bird watcher,  but last spring a hummingbird built a nest on my string lights over the patio.  My grandkids and I watched in wonder daily as she buzzed around that nest.  One morning we saw three itty bitty triangles peek out the top of the nest.   It was amazing to watch the mother drop food into those little mouths for days.   Finally,  one day we saw tiny bodies attached to the tiny mouths.  And, then, the nest was empty.  It never occurred to any of us to worry about those little birds.  The kids never asked to feed them.  The afternoon the wind blew the nest to and fro,  no one suggested we rescue it.  We  just assumed the hummingbirds would be all right. And that’s exactly what the Word says,  “ Look at the birds in the sky?  They don’t plant or harvest.  They don’t even store grain  in barns,  your Father in Heaven takes care of them.”   And then He asks the most interesting question,  “Aren’t you worth more than them?”  Matthew 6:26  CEV
   On my worst day I don’t compare myself to a bird. I definitely think I’m worth more than a bird.  Jesus thought so,  He came to die to save me.  God thought so,  He sent His only son to die for me. He promised to provide for all my needs. I can testify,  I have been the recipient of His provision many times.  I have never gone hungry,  never been unable to pay my bills, still gone on vacations, bought new clothes, eaten at my favorite restaurants.   When money grew scarce in our home,  my Mom would quote  Psalm 37:25  “I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or their seed begging for bread.”  And we never did. 
Jehovah Jirah,  our provider.   Thinkin’ about that this morning.    

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